Friday, January 16, 2009


today i have a sick, sick babe at home.
so, we are in our pj's surrounded by towels and a bucket and watching tv. i think there's a rule about watching as much tv as you want on sick days.
right now we are watching the adorable charlie and lola. the animation is unique, the voices are done by actual children (which my sis pointed out makes cartoons so much better), and they have british accents!!! so, so cute.


  1. i have this little sister lola....i LOVE that show!! i wish we had cable solely for that show for my kids...that and backyardagains, which is AMAZING! i love that they use their imaginations to go on adventures & sing theme related songs.

    sorry to hear about sick bebe!

  2. Oh no! I hope Piper feels better today!

  3. hey, i stumbled across this fashion site & wondered if you'd heard of it.

    she is from a homeschool family & has an emphasis on modesty for her clothing line. she also has a blog

    thought of you!!


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