Friday, January 02, 2009


oooh, valkyrie! so good. definitely a must-see.
way to go on this one, tom cruise. you've redeemed my love. i always knew you didn't kidnap, brainwash, and impregnate katie holmes with l. ron hubbard's seed. and i think suri is a great name. but she should probably get off the bottle by age four.


  1. I have heard mixed reviews about this movie. Those that really liked it really liked it and those that hated it really hated it. There was no in between. I am still deciding whether or not I want to go and see it. I definitely recommend The Curious Case of Benjamin Button if you have not already seen it.

  2. interesting...I have had absolutely no desire to see this movie until I read your review. Maybe I will wait until it is available on netflix.

  3. yeah. you don't have to see it in the theatres. but it's worth seeing at some point. just a really good story.

  4. bethany,
    found your blog - love it.
    i was inspired and happy for you to read about Seth joining the National Guard, and your newest little one on the way!
    see you sometime!


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