Saturday, January 24, 2009


today was a perfect saturday.
we woke up to sunshine, piper calling out for us, and a full day ahead with no plans.
this is a r a r e treat for us.
piper and i ate in bed. then she went "swimming" (the only way she'll willingly take a bath) while i slowly got ready. i even had time to put lotion on.
what a treat! ha.
then we played for a while, did some little projects around the house & piper was ready for a nap.
while she slept, i had second breakfast
(lord of the rings reference just for you, chad!) and sat in the sunny spot of the house while i read .
i started it a couple months ago, but put it down for a while. my mom told me to give it another shot and now i'm hooked!
around lunch-time our friend brought her son over for the day while she went to work. he's sweet and loves playing with piper, even though he's 8!
we went to valley west so i could pick up an alteration from von maur (more on that in a "wear" post, soon to come!) and the boys played at the arcade. we had lunch at d.r. deli
(my fay-vo-rite!) and piper got a new
from von maur for $3!
(sometimes it pays to be a bad mom and not find a hat till january!)
on the way home we stopped by b-buster and got
cute, cute, cute.

now we are just hanging out and thinking about dinner.
this may be a boring post, but it was a wonderful day!


  1. I love no plans days. We had one of those here too.

  2. HA! to the second breakfast ... but the real question Bethany ... did you have elevensies???



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