Friday, January 30, 2009



when you need a good laugh

go fug yourself

if you think the comments from the fashion police in USmagazine are annoying but read them anyway

Color Me Katie

just to make you smile


is anyone else ready for summer?
all shoes featured are outrageously priced and available for drooling on


scarf: f21
sweater: j.crew
tee: one of seth's undershirts from target
jeans: paige from ebay
boots: dolce vita from shopbop
*all the links above go to the actual items or something similar...
if you're in the mood to shop! is fun to look at but pretty expensive. i usually only look in their sale section, and even that is usually out of my price range. but these boots were 70% off! also, they have The.Best.Service. my order was confirmed within an hour, they were shipped the next day and i received them on the third day, from california! forever21, on the other hand, took 4 days just to confirm my order! i guess you get what you pay for--even when it comes to service.

you'll have to excuse me for always looking so lame in the wear posts. i have issues making a normal face when photographed so it's best i just look away. this has been years in the making. i'll try to dig up our family's christmas picture from 1990. that's when it all began...

Thursday, January 29, 2009


check out
they're taking an extra 50% off of clearance items only online.
just enter HALFOFF as your discount code at checkout.
plus they always have cheap standard shipping!
update: i didn't actually find anything....but maybe you will!


according to, our baby is this big now.
it says he's moving all around, wiggling his fingers and toes, and sucks now! well, he doesn't suck, he can suck...
you know what i mean.
apparently, his eyes have moved from the sides of his head to the front, he has ears, and his face looks "unquestionably human."



recently i've heard multiple sources (what not to wear, 10 years younger, domino, ladies home journal) discuss the importance of having well-fitting under-garments. personally, i've never invested much in them because no one sees it and i'd rather buy "real" clothes! but, for the past few months i've been trying to weed out all the stuff that is either old (underwear from junior high. junior high!) or just doesn't fit well (my nursed-out mams are needin' a liiittle more help these days). all of a sudden it seemed like i was having to do laundry all the time (Laundry Day=Ran out of Underwear Day). i'd been weeding and weeding, but not replacing!
so, the other day i got some new under-wearings at walmart. uuuh, yes, walmart. a nice little fruit o' the loom bra and hanes underwear. cotton. didn't try anything on.
boring? yes.
cheap? yes.
should i be investing some actual time & money in this part of my wardrobe? i know what the magazines & tv shows say, but i'm still not sure....

what do you think?

update: i have to admit, i'm already experiencing a little chafing from the new $6.48-bra from walmart. i guess i'm off to the mall...


i tried this out yesterday...cardigan: j.crew, dress: forever 21, tights: heritage, belt: from my dad, boots: steve madden

not totally sold on the cream sweater-tights. they're soft & comfy but i'm not sure light-colored tights are something that ought to be worn past age 10. but, don't you think navy would be too matchy? brown? i don't have a problem wearing navy and black together, but i don't think it's right for this particular dress. which, by the way, is a little large now, but i'm guessing it'll be perfect by spring. i guess then i won't have to worry about tights, either.
still at the point where my belly just looks like a belly and not a baby-carrier.
other wear stuff:
i seriously never thought the day would come that these pants would fit her. i put them on her a few months ago but had to tighten the waist-band so much they looked like jodphurs. sure, the crotch is halfway to her knees, but not bad!

and, this is sold out. sad.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


oooooh, nordstrom is having a mega-sale
and i want this maternity top.
it is juicy couture, but it is not velour and it has little birds on it!


i enlisted a new task-force for my cleaning endeavors:

swiffer dust and mop starter kit--plus wet and dry refills
scotch brite easy erasing pad--"compare to magic eraser"
clorox disinfecting wipes--now come in pretty so you can leave them out!

and the adorable...
fuzzy wuzzy-- so pink! so cute! i could clean all day!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


an excerpt from Teddy Roosevelt's journal
on the day his wife, Alice, died.
i found this here.


the other day i was at von maur, returning the jeans and i got store credit for them. the gal helping me was also pregnant and told me about some pants called "lounge act" up in the juniors department. i pictured some version of a juicy suit (which is not for me). but she said i had to try them on. she called someone in the juniors department and had them bring a few pair downstairs to me. (von maur customer so i couldn't refuse.
and...i was pleasantly suprised! they are normal looking pants (jeans, black pants, khakis, pinstripe), but have a stretchy band around the top. they're not actually marketing to the pregnant teens out there, they're just supposed to be cute, comfy pants. brilliant! i'm guessing they sell a ton of these around thanksgiving.
anyway, i bought a pair and wonderful von maur does free alterations. so a few days later, i picked them up and they are officially the cutest, comfiest maternity-that-aren't-actual-maternity pants i own!

a little lightweight for this time of year, but the awesome thing about pregnancy is you need an entirely new wardrobe for all seasons!!!
oh yeah, actually not awesome at all.
and...not the most flattering photo, but there's that stretchy band! you can leave it up or fold it down.

Monday, January 26, 2009


a while ago, mr. arganbright and i saw previews for the movie, in bruges. it looked like something we might like, but didn't rush out to see it because colin farrell's a lead and his movies have been hit-or-miss. plus, there was that whole Making-out-with-Britney-Spears-before-she-married-K.Fed-and-went-crazy Thing. oh, and the drug habit. so, we forgot about in bruges for a while.
a couple weeks ago i watched the golden globes and colin farrell and brendan gleeson (the other lead) were both nominated for best actor (which farrell won!) and the film was nominated for best comedy picture. it's also won a lot of other awards and is nominated for the best screenplay oscar. i was intrigued by the wins, so we watched it last night.

it was really good; very funny, but not lightheartedly so, bittersweet, sad, ironic, touching, dark, and sometimes graphicly violent. the writing is really amazing. and colin farrell and brendan gleeson have a great chemistry and banter. if you like coen brothers' movies, you would probably enjoy this. this movie is not for everyone, so don't watch it based solely on my opinion.

but, in my opinion it is redemptive,
a little unexpected and sometimes
very beautiful.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


i think every child needs a piggy bank to store their treasure.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


today was a perfect saturday.
we woke up to sunshine, piper calling out for us, and a full day ahead with no plans.
this is a r a r e treat for us.
piper and i ate in bed. then she went "swimming" (the only way she'll willingly take a bath) while i slowly got ready. i even had time to put lotion on.
what a treat! ha.
then we played for a while, did some little projects around the house & piper was ready for a nap.
while she slept, i had second breakfast
(lord of the rings reference just for you, chad!) and sat in the sunny spot of the house while i read .
i started it a couple months ago, but put it down for a while. my mom told me to give it another shot and now i'm hooked!
around lunch-time our friend brought her son over for the day while she went to work. he's sweet and loves playing with piper, even though he's 8!
we went to valley west so i could pick up an alteration from von maur (more on that in a "wear" post, soon to come!) and the boys played at the arcade. we had lunch at d.r. deli
(my fay-vo-rite!) and piper got a new
from von maur for $3!
(sometimes it pays to be a bad mom and not find a hat till january!)
on the way home we stopped by b-buster and got
cute, cute, cute.

now we are just hanging out and thinking about dinner.
this may be a boring post, but it was a wonderful day!

Friday, January 23, 2009


oh, and i made the bed again this morning! :)


the other night i was telling my mad-musing friend about how overwhelming it is to choose baby gear! piper is way past the point of needing a new car seat (yes, she's still in an infant seat and i already know i'm a terrible mother so don't worry 'bout it). but everytime i try to buy one, i get completely overwhelmed with all the options, opinions, features, and prices.
plus, i really wanted to buy one from either amazon (because we get free 2-day shipping), ebay or (because they both accept paypal and i have money in my account). so, that added to my indecision.

after searching amazon for a few days, i finally ruled it out because you only get the free shipping if you purchase from amazon directly and not another seller.
so, i was down to ebay and
the bad thing is that i'd find one that looked pretty good so i'd read reviews of it. i'm not kidding: for every person that said it was,

lightweight and easy to install!

someone else said it was,

super-bulky! a pain in the butt!

one person would say,

uncomfortable! my child cries every time i put him in.

and someone else thinks it's,

sooooooo comfy! she sleeps so well in it, we just bought another one to replace her crib!

one person says,

the straps dig into his legs and leave red marks!

someone else says,

my eight year-old still fits in it!

do you see where one might feel confused?! plus the prices range from $45 to over $300! how do you know how much to spend? do you get one that is safe enough for an infant and transitions for a toddler? or do you get one that is safe for a toddler and transitions to a booster for a child?

sigh! yesterday i finally found two that i really liked from babies r us. they were moderately priced, had a majority of 5 star reviews, and...
they were both out of stock.

i'd been looking for weeks, read hundreds of reviews, searched 5 different websites, and was now down to looking exclusively on ebay. not wanting to waste anymore time, i searched only in buy it now listings with either free or really cheap shipping. after about 4 minutes, i saw a seat that i'd never even seen before. it is sort of the best of both worlds because it can be used rear-facing for an infant, forward-facing for a toddler, and then becomes a booster for a child. plus it's a cute color and has a cup holder--the most important things! ha!
i googled it, read one review, and bought it! ha! i'm free! it was quite satisfying. i actually feel confident that i made a good choice and will just keep my fingers crossed 'til it gets here.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


today was the day.

i got myself all motivated and started straightening up the house. most people wouldn't know it, but i'm a terrible housekeeper and i'm sort of okay with it. of course i prefer when the home is neat, but it doesn't make me crazy if it's not. most people don't know this about me because the rare times i do clean occur when people (like
you) come to visit. so i'm pretty sure i've fooled everyone into thinking that is the normal state of our home. indeed it is not.

but! an appraiser came today. luckily for my motivation, i wasn't really sure how clean the house needed to be for an appraisal to occur. but i did know we had installed new carpet in the bedrooms and the floor would probably have to be cleared enough so she could actually see it. (this is, sadly, not an exaggeration.)
so, i got right to it and tidied, tidied, tidied. this mostly involved moving piles of clothing, books, magazines, and miscellaneous items that have never been given a home in our new house. i rearranged some stuff, threw out some other stuff, and okay, i hid some stuff too. but i also changed the sheets and made the bed! sometimes we kinda, pull the quilt towards the pillows, but i don't think i'd really made the bed since we moved in.

here are some of the fruits of my labor:

that's our NEW baby on the left!

my little wanna-be jonathan adler elephant

new/old chairs from ebay!

the MADE bed!

we need some stuff on the walls, but the floors are finally clear!!!

i promise i won't post everytime i'm proud of myself for cleaning. in fact, now that the major overhaul is done, i'm going to try to keep it up.
but i need your help!
what are your favorite cleaning gadgets?
what helps you get the job done?
do you have a "day"?
or do you clean a little bit every day?
do you really make your bed every day?

Monday, January 19, 2009


mr. arganbright is from a very large family (not immediate, but lots & lots of relatives) and they are so good about keeping in touch! many of them live in a rural area west of here, but others are scattered from st. paul to chicago, california, mississippi and even matha's vineyard.
often, one will send out a little update on what is going on and then everyone responds with a "reply all" so you get to hear what everyone is thinking. it's so fun to know even the little bits of their everydays. it's such a great way to be reminded of our loved ones in between visits.
i love it!


i'm very annoyed because we desperately need groceries but piper desperately needed a nap, so i rushed home and now she's been in her crib talking and playing and fussing for over an hour. she even tricked me into getting her up to change her diaper because she said she was poopy. she was not poopy. so back to bed she went.

and now, an anecdote on how desperately we need groceries:
we are completely out of toilet paper. we don't even have paper towels or normal napkins. only party napkins with multi-colored stripes on them. weird. i'd been trying to hold off, but this afternoon i really had to, you know... so i had to use baby wipes. baby wipes! not necessarily the worst thing in the world, but definitely weird. and, okay, a little gross. i felt like i needed to dry off.
i could be grocery shopping right now!!!!


even at this early stage of pregnancy, i already find getting dressed annoying. regular pants are too tight, maternity pants are too big, etc. so, i tend to wear leggings and dresses a lot.
today i'm wearing the dress i got the other day. far more comfortable than jeans, and honestly, i didn't freeze any more than i normally would on a 16-degree day. at first i had on some cute flats, but even i know when to put comfort before fashion!

looking a little pensive...
cardigan: j.crew, dress: heritage, tights: a gift,
boots: bitten from steve & barry's, necklace: from a gift-shop
this is quite the thrifty outfit, altogether it cost $50!
(unders not included.)

in other wear news...
today i went shopping/selling at plato's closet. i try to clean out my closet every few months and take stuff there because it's a great way to get a little extra cash from clothes that are just fossilizing onto hangers. it's also a great place to find designer jeans but i don't spend much time looking through the shirts because there are soooo many. you definitely have to be in the mood to look. think: t.j. maxx shopping.
the downside is that they can be so picky about what they'll buy from you and when you look around the store you think, they took that but they're not taking this!?? i also have to keep in mind that though they're only paying me a fraction of what i paid for an item, it's not making me any money just taking up closet space.
today at plato's i found a pair of really light-weight, light denim, trouser jeans. they're really soft and look kinda 70's-ish. for $8! and i got a gap denim jacket. i've had a couple denim jackets in the past that i probably sold at some point because i wasn't wearing them anymore. but, lately i've been wishing i had one. it was inexpensive, in perfect condition, and it'll be great to wear over dresses and skirts this spring. i also found a pair of really nice jeans that i bought at von maur before i knew i was pregnant. i haven't worn them because they were starting to get tight already and they still have the tags on them. so i bought the pair from plato's and will return the other pair to vm and save myself $50!

probably a boring post, but that was my wear of the day.

*oh, and honey, if you're reading this: i didn't spend any money at plato's closet. with the stuff i sold, they actually paid me $0.43 for the clothes i got!

Friday, January 16, 2009


today i have a sick, sick babe at home.
so, we are in our pj's surrounded by towels and a bucket and watching tv. i think there's a rule about watching as much tv as you want on sick days.
right now we are watching the adorable charlie and lola. the animation is unique, the voices are done by actual children (which my sis pointed out makes cartoons so much better), and they have british accents!!! so, so cute.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


when did my baby get old enough...
to ask for a ponytail?
and give me a look?
and tell a joke?
and laugh at her own joke?