Tuesday, December 30, 2008


mr. arganbright and i both have dreams.
not like, driving down the interstate and your brakes go out (one of his recurring dreams) or clenching your teeth so hard they start crumbling and breaking and you can't stop (one of mine).

but: goals...aspirations...desires...callings.
sometimes we feel so trapped in life. we don't know how to move toward our dreams. we're just shuffling along, trying to keep up with the flow.

at thanksgiving we spent some time with family members who've served in military service. two of them have actually been deployed in the past 5 years or so. one is just beginning his service. one spent twenty years in full-time service for the marines and another served in vietnam. they talked about the benefits they receive and the sacrifices they've made.
the conversation really got into our heads. we started seriously researching whether this would be an option for our family. it would help us reach some of our goals financially. it would provide mr. arganbright the opportunity to continue his education and maybe get a job he's really gifted for.
after a few weeks of examining all of our options, we decided to go for it and mr. arganbright joined the national guard.

we've received a variety of responses to this decision. many insulting, some supportive... i think most people just don't know much about it, so they ask questions or make statements that seem rude, when it's really just ignorance. his integrity as a husband and a father has been questioned by some. i think that hurts me more than it hurts him. he answers calmly, respects their opinions. i want to cry and defend him till i'm breathless. i may be a little naive, but we aren't walking into this with our eyes closed. we truly believe this is the best opportunity we have to achieve our dreams. will it be hard when seth is gone for four months of training? yes. is it scary to think about the possibility of deployment? yes. will we have to move? no. will he be gone a lot? about 30 hours a month and two weeks in the summer. will he make much money? not much, but the $20,000 signing bonus will help, and the money he'll receive for school will be nice, and the $400/month we'll save on insurance is great. from the beginning, i have had a sense of peace about this decision. this is something we are doing together. as a family. for our family.

mr. arganbright wouldn't tell you this, but i will:
when he went to take his entrance exam, he wanted to do well because your score determines what kind of opportunities you will be eligible for throughout your career. just to make it in, you have to get a 50. if you want a better job, you need a 75. seth was hoping to get a 110 because you can get specialized training and a really good job.
he scored 134 out of 136. amazing. his recruiters had never even seen a score that high.
that simple number helps brings me peace and confidence that we are doing the right thing.


  1. I couldn't be more excited for you guys! Yes, my initial response was to Gasp and then I read the rest of your post and I know that you have made a decision that is the best for your family. And a 134? Are you kidding? Talk about confirmation from God that you are on the right track!!

  2. A+ post, miss bethany. you have hearby convinced me. sorry if i (and tony) seemed a little skeptical & ignorant & naive & [fill in appropriate adjective here] at first. i'm really proud of you guys for making this decision and give you my blessing and SUPPORT. and you should also know that when seth's away at training, you will have no choice but to hang out with me LOTS. :)

  3. bethany,

    lovely post, well thought out & articulate. we will be praying for your family through the transition time!

    there will always be neigh-sayers...(sp?), but you get the choice on whether or not to listen to them.

    congrats on the TIP-TOP score solider!!


  4. HOOAH! Soldier! :)
    Gratz on the score Seth ... that score screams blessing from God man ...thats awesome.

    Hope you all had a fantastic blessed Christmas and have a great New Years!!!

  5. thank-you all. and katie, none of the above was directed towards you or tony in ANY way. we've hardly had the chance to really give people a full explanation, you guys included. lots of big news from us lately...

  6. AND I totally have that teeth dream...all the time. I think I read somewhere or someone told me it has to do with stress or insecurities. Do I believe it? Maybe...

  7. Josh and I read this blog together the other night and Josh exclaimed, "Seth is a super-hero". Just want you both to know we are behind you on this. What a cool thing to decide to do. It takes a real man and a strong wife behind him. You guys rock-and we're praying for you every step of the way!

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