Wednesday, November 26, 2008


i know "eat" isn't really one of my categories. but...can we talk about how these are
The Most Delicious Crackers Ever ?

mr. arganbright discovered these on a man-trip to colorado. you may not consider hors d'oeuvres crackers to be the most manly fare for a man-trip (unless maybe you were dared to eat an entire box, pound a beer, and then crush the can on your forehead in less than 60 seconds), but who am i to judge?

i initially scoffed, "cheese melts? blech."

but they are amaaaaayzing: a little garlic-y, with poppy seeds and some kind of melted cheese on top! maybe mozzarella, i don't know. i don't need to know.

they are the perfect cracker. buy them. today.


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