Thursday, November 27, 2008


today is thanksgiving, so here are some things i am thankful for:
this babe

this day

this family

pretty simple.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


i know "eat" isn't really one of my categories. but...can we talk about how these are
The Most Delicious Crackers Ever ?

mr. arganbright discovered these on a man-trip to colorado. you may not consider hors d'oeuvres crackers to be the most manly fare for a man-trip (unless maybe you were dared to eat an entire box, pound a beer, and then crush the can on your forehead in less than 60 seconds), but who am i to judge?

i initially scoffed, "cheese melts? blech."

but they are amaaaaayzing: a little garlic-y, with poppy seeds and some kind of melted cheese on top! maybe mozzarella, i don't know. i don't need to know.

they are the perfect cracker. buy them. today.


did this really happen yesterday in the von maur clearance room?

*pinch, pinch

oh yeah, baby. i'm not dreamin'!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


i've been lusting after this dress from urban outfitters, but not ready to cough up the cash, so i've been searching forever21, h&m, and ebay for an affordable alternative. then at target i found this little lady for $9:

however, tags are still on because i tried to wear it out on friday night but i changed. i'm not sure it's The One. may be a little too big and shapeless. even with a belt. it doesn't have to be perfect, but this may be a little too far from the original darling.
me trying to "make it work" tim gunn style on friday night

may i beg you to ignore this ridiculous pose (and expression)? mr. a was quite the happy-snapper as i was putting tights on. sorry! i have zero photography skills and, paired with an ancient camera, all the pictures i take are pretty bad. thus, the lack of "wear" posts. i would like to do more, but until we get a decent camera (maybe for christmas) it's gonna be limited.

by the way...
after endless outfit attempts on friday, i ended up going with an old stand-by: jeans, cowboy boots, an old v-neck t-shirt, and a funky necklace. i wasn't thrilled with it because it's something i'd wear any day and i wanted to wear something kind of "special." BUT later that night a gay guy told me i looked "faaaabulous!"
so, i guess it wasn't so bad after all!

Friday, November 21, 2008


my latest movie obsession. it is a mustmust see. there are parts that may be a little scary, but otherwise i think it's apropriate for families. it is possibly the most beautiful (visually, and maybe otherwise) movie i have ever seen. it's magical and wonderful. like a way-less scary version of pan's labyrinth (chad&manda) and way better!!!
this little girl is soooo darling, you just want to squeeze and smooch her.
and this guy doesn't hurt to look at either. ha!
i was going to add the trailer, but i think it gives too much away. just trust me and rent it, tonight! i should add it to my christmas list...
just noticed the R rating. guess not as apropriate for kids as i remember. but you should still watch it!


why is it that babies are sooo sweet and cuddly when they're sick?!
i hate to admit this, but i LOVE it! i'm sad piper is sick, but all she's done today is take little naps and sat/laid in my lap. it's so dear.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


what do you think is the proper etiquette in this situation:

we listed our fridge on craigslist. offered free LOCAL shipping. had a few people interested, but all fell through. then received an offer for less than we listed it. after agreeing, we also found out that they're not really local (but expect delivery). since then, i've received at least two other inquiries on the fridge. both of whom offered full price and are local.

can we back out of the original deal?


i think i finally figured out how to enable comments!

Friday, November 14, 2008


inspired by this friend and this friend,
here are a few of our christmas wishes....


mr. arganbright:


we might also like gift certificates here, here, and maybe here.
and these are some gifts that i want to

all courtesy of the ever-wonderful-world of etsy!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


last weekend mr. arganbright and i decided to head up to minneapolis for the weekend. it was a little last minute, but those trips always turn out the best. this, indeed, followed suit.

we stayed with his aunt valerie and her partner kate in st. paul. they live in this adorable home right near down-town and were so welcoming and lovely. we called with just a few days' notice and not only did they house and feed us, they watched piper on friday night so we could celebrate our bestest friend, erika's birthday. here, us with the birthday girl on the right:

the next morning, they entertained piper, allowing us a couple extra hours of much-needed sleep. then we spent the afternoon eating yummy food, sampling microbrews, and playing old-school board games at the adorable chatterbox pub

the weather up there was cooooold and dismal but kate and val have this yummy wood-burning
stove that makes the whole house cozy and inviting. they also have quite a collection of vintage pottery throughout the house. in one particular case, there was a set of mugs that were just so unique and whimsical. each one was different. i asked kate about them and she immediately said, "do you want them?!" i was taken aback and eventually the subject changed, but i am now inspired to become like that with our "stuff".
the next day we had a relaxing morning. read the ny times, watched 30 rock on the computer (the "oprah" episode--highly recommend it!), and gathered our things. we were sad to leave. it had been such an enjoyable weekend. had we been home, we would have filled it with work, projects, cleaning, busyness. but this weekend we really had time to just be with our family.
mr. arganbright and i took turns fighting sleepiness and driving home. we had to raid the vending machines at a rest-stop to stay awake. these were our choices:

the sugar-high lasted just long enough to make it home.the one thing i hate about trips is unpacking. ugh. haaaaateit! but this time, as we unpacked the car, we discovered a wonderful suprise!

the beautiful mugs!!!

what the photos don't convey is that they all have texture in the glazing and they are actually made of porcelain. they are light and fragile. definitely to be kept out of piper's reach. thank-you, thank-you aunt val & aunt kate! we had a wonderful weekend and the mugs are a treasure that make me smile.