Friday, October 24, 2008


here are some before and after's of our li'l home...

the entry before:

and after:

the living room before:

and after:

eames chairs i won on ebay for this room are on the way. lots of target/walmart/thriftiness represented here.

the kitchen before:

and after:
notice the messy counter-tops remain the same

recognize anything? (it's for sale on craigslist)


that stool enables me to reach the microwave & half the cabinets, appliances courtesy of craigslist!

i guess i don't have a picture of the dining room before (think white), but here are some afters:

my sister bought me this chandelier before i was married and i finally get to use it!mirror made by mr. arganbright, pictures from tj maxx!

vintage chairs from sisters: $50

10 yards of joel dewberry fabric: $85

1 gallon of sherwin williams pro classic: $42

DIY'in it: priceless!

i actually purchased all my fabric for these chairs at and i have to give them a little plug because they're the best! all orders ship for $4.99, hand-wrapped & tied, arrive in 2 or (max) 3 days, and receipts have a hand-written note on them! a hand-written note!!!! lovelovelove that.

anyway, feel free to stop by for a visit! you may notice i didn't post pictures of the bedrooms. there's a reason for that...

Stay Tuned!

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  1. Bethany!! Your house ROCKS! Very much diggin' the changes you two have made ... and Seth Holy Moly!! That is some impressive work on the entry way. Way to go man!!

    Hope you three are doing weel



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