Tuesday, October 28, 2008


i'm really annoyed by the fact that piper is a bottomless pit and i can never just have a freaking meal all to myself. argh!

Friday, October 24, 2008


they just grow up so fast!


here are some before and after's of our li'l home...

the entry before:

and after:

the living room before:

and after:

eames chairs i won on ebay for this room are on the way. lots of target/walmart/thriftiness represented here.

the kitchen before:

and after:
notice the messy counter-tops remain the same

recognize anything? (it's for sale on craigslist)


that stool enables me to reach the microwave & half the cabinets, appliances courtesy of craigslist!

i guess i don't have a picture of the dining room before (think white), but here are some afters:

my sister bought me this chandelier before i was married and i finally get to use it!mirror made by mr. arganbright, pictures from tj maxx!

vintage chairs from sisters: $50

10 yards of joel dewberry fabric: $85

1 gallon of sherwin williams pro classic: $42

DIY'in it: priceless!

i actually purchased all my fabric for these chairs at Quilthome.com and i have to give them a little plug because they're the best! all orders ship for $4.99, hand-wrapped & tied, arrive in 2 or (max) 3 days, and receipts have a hand-written note on them! a hand-written note!!!! lovelovelove that.

anyway, feel free to stop by for a visit! you may notice i didn't post pictures of the bedrooms. there's a reason for that...

Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

back but relocated!

sorry for procrastinating. i wasn't trying to bail on the blog. we've had a crazy couple of weeks:
to wisconsin for a wedding (very fun, gorgeous weather) and we moved!!! the house is still in ultimate chaos, but i will post before & afters as soon as enough boxes are cleared to actually see the house. now i'm wondering what box the camera is in....
it's actually been kind of a tough transition for the little p pod. she's not slept well and has been kind of fussy. right now she's wandering around aimlessly, pretend-wailing, and stinking up a storm because her mom doesn't want to change her diaper since i JUST changed her like 90 seconds ago. why, oh why must babies poop in perfectly clean diapers?!?!! ugh. be right back.