Thursday, September 25, 2008


sorry, but i have to write out a to-do list. i'm feeling lazy and don't want to get out of bed.
so, here it is:

pick up sandwiches @ d.r.
caven's 12-5
make bulletin for church
print bulletin
drop-off @ clarkson's (?)
pack for lake geneva
empty dish-washer
get a few groceries for weekend: (fruit, snacks, oatmeal, stuff for piper)
meet @ 11 for lake geneva

touch-up blue room
paint piper's room
hang light fixtures (kitchen, dining room, bedrooms)
replace outlet/switch plates
replace handles (cabinets, built-ins)
schedule carpet install
pack stuff!

organize garage sale stuff
tell K about personal shopping goals
finish re-finishing dining chairs
list fridge on craigs
find cheaper version of aldo booties
organize piper's outgrown clothes

Monday, September 22, 2008


i am loveloveloving Top Design this season! the first time around i was, "eh" about it. maybe it's because we have a house now & i'm enojoying all the inspiration i can get.
the last episode featured designers from Project Runway and the Top Designers were challenged to make a window display based on one of the P.R. designer's oufits. Daniel Franco (love him)designed this gorgeous dress. Andrea (amazing designer, happens to be Ricky Schroder's wife) and Preston (nice to look at, but not-so-amazing thus far) designed this gorgeous window display to highlight it:

Andrea happened to mention to Daniel that she loved the dress and would buy it in a heart-beat. i guess she meant it because check out what i discovered while perusing pictures of last night's Emmy Awards:

i'm quite proud of this discovery.
very Nancy Drew of me!


lovelovelove this idea.
it kinda reminds me of this book my parents had when i was a kid:

it always sat on the back of the toilet.
good bathroom reading.
low-commitment level.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


so, i just went downstairs to microwave my coffee (gross, i know, but i drink it slowly!) and there were fruit flies swarming! they're everywhere! mr. arganbright called them a cloud of flies. a cloud! so, (forgive me emily) i grabbed a bottle of the most toxic-est cleaning spray that i have and just sprayed. and sprayed. everywhere.
honestly, i generally use mrs. meyers' lovely lavender all-purpose cleaner, but i can just picture those fruit flies saying,

mmmm, that smells quite nice! so gentle, so clean, so non-toxic! let's stay a while! let's mate and make fruity babies! lots and lots of babies!
i need help...CHEMICAL HELP!


this morning i got caught up on sleep a bit. as in, i slept till 9!!! and i'm still in bed. not a peep from the little one, yet. she stayed up waaaay late last night but sometimes that can back-fire and she'd get up at the still-dark hour of 6. yuck. but not today! the last memory i have is mr. arganbright kissing me farewell and telling me i should sleep in. apparently he told piper the same thing. good job, mr. arganbright.
while i'm on the subject of darling mr. arganbright: i must explain that i refer to him as such, not because he wants to remain anonymous, but because i was/am inspired by this lovely lady. you should read about her, pray for her, and maybe more. there are many ways to get involved and show love as they go through this mega-trial. i must warn you: if you click the link, it may absorb a few hours out of your day. and you will cry. maybe a lot. *sigh*

on a lighter note:
we are hosting a So Long, Summer! party on saturday. it is supposed to be gorgeous this weekend, so we'll be outside, bon-firing, s'moring, hot-dogging (?), and there may be an occasional beer (but not enough to be deemed 'beering').
unfortunately, it is inevitable that people who haven't been out here before will want to see our apartment. ugh. it is...beyond messy. and we're having fruit-fly issues. let's just say it involves a half-eaten banana, a beach bag, and much neglect. is there any way to destroy them all in 2 days without a bug-bomb? maybe people won't notice. we can just keep the lights really dim. we'll tell them it's part of our Go Green effort.

piper still hasn't woken up. when she sleeps this late, i always fight that new-ish mother urge to make sure she's not dead. once i start thinking about it, it's so much easier to convince myself that she is dead rather than convince myself that she isn't. why is that?!

Monday, September 15, 2008


mr. arganbright and i bought our first home in june. it's a bit of a fixer-upper (as all first homes should be *wink*), and we've been trying to get as much work done on it as we can before we move in. the past couple weeks have been spent painting every last surface in the house. this was preceded by me tentatively choosing paint colors and second-third-and-fourth-guessing my choices. i'm finally feeling confident about my decisions when it comes time to paint the kitchen. i chose a nice mushroom brown for the walls and the trim & cabinets will be painted off-white. i chose this color because it's similar to our dishes and it appears sporadically in the upholstry of our dining room chairs.
unfortunately, i did not consider the color of mr. arganbright's most beloved possession:
The Fridge. The Fridge came with the house, it is approximately the size of a large walk-in closet, and it is black. it is an enormous, black hole that takes up a fifth of our quaint (read: tiny) 1950's kitchen. in fact, if you stepped inside, you could probably find your way to Narnia.
unfortunately, mr. arganbright thinks that this is a delight and a treasure to behold;
"it has an ice-maker and water dispenser!"

"it keeps beer super-cold!"

"check out the size o' that freezer!"
as you can imagine, when i started painting the walls, i was distracted from the refrigerator's glory when i realized how terrible the enormous black hole looked when surrounded by beautiful mushroom brown. i started thinking of ways to justify a new fridge...
"it will keep your beer so cold, you'll get those terrible cold-headaches!"
"it's so large, we'll have to get a Costco membership just to fill it up!"
when those failed to persuade, i thought of ways to spruce it up...
  • paint
  • christmas lights
  • enormous magnets
  • Aslan

eventually i gave up on making it blend in. i started searching craigslist for replacements. i looked daily to no avail. then i thought, if i could sell it i could probably get a few hundred dollars to put towards a new one. i even thought about calling Bobbi McCaughey. surely she could use the 54 square feet of space. mr. arganbright suggested i simply choose a different paint color. (insert guffaw.) there was nothing simple about choosing mushroom brown (officially known as "Manual Mocha") in the first place! unless he wanted me to purchase new dishes and re-upholster our chairs, that was out of the question.

i called my older sister for some sound advice. it was:

"Paint your kitchen the color you've chosen. Be patient. Don't do anything rash."

good advice, no?

so what did i do? looked back at craigslist one. last. time., found the fridge (and gas range) of my dreams, called the seller, and BOUGHT THEM! it was truly a little miracle. i really wanted "almond" colored appliances because our trim is cream. but i figured i could settle for white as almond was a no-show on craigslist. we also really needed a gas range which was another hard-find. i had wasted hours on craigslist in the past couple weeks and in the course of a single phone conversation with my sis, the perfect pair showed up (in almond!) at the perfect price!

thanks little miracle Maker, that was really nice.

Friday, September 12, 2008

first official blogette it is. The Beginning. i'm not promising a future with this blog. i like to journal, but am not great at writing consistently. a blog may be a better outlet, or it may just be another thing for me to do inconsistently. (sigh)
i love to read other blogs. namely: fashion, mom-oriented, or design blogs. i am inspired by what other people are doing, wearing, and thinking. in the past i've considered starting my own blog. but, i feel like there are so many facets to my life right now; i didn't know how to choose a topic. so i decided to just start one and not choose a topic. thus:
things i do/think/wear/see/love/dream.
i think that sort of encompasses things i may want to write about. so, here's forewarning that my blogs may be somewhat random and certainly multi-subject. (i feel like "multi-subject" should have a suffix: multi-subjected...multi-subjective...multi-subjectish...i don't know.)

so...right now i'm trying to decide what to wear today. (yes, it is almost 3 o'clock) but it's rainy and warm. yuck. it's so much easier to dress for rainy and cool. i want to bundle! i really need to go grocery shopping (piper had a nutritious lunch of cheddar cheese and graham crackers. Awesome Mom Award, i know.) but that's not happening till i deal with this outfit situation. i actually showered today so i don't want to just throw something on & have a sloppy day. i need to reserve that for actual non-showering, sloppy days. piper's still walking around in her footie-piggy pajamas. she's cracking me up because they're a little big (as is everything in her wardrobe) so the footie part kinda flops off to the side making it look like her feet are bent outward. (are you getting this visual?) i'll work on my blog-savvy and try to get a picture up.

okay, i'm really gonna go get dressed now. i can already see this blog hindering all sorts of productivity.